5 Must-Have Features For Your E-commerce Mobile App

Technology has changed our lives in many ways and so is our shopping experience. Earlier, we used to go to stores and buy stuff from there only. If we didn’t find anything, we tried it on another shop. That’s all we were, too content on buying. But, nowadays you will not miss anything. Time passed and here we are in a modern era of 2017, we can buy and sell online. Everything is available on internet,

Features of Ecommerce App

As per the recent study, India is expected to reach $100 billion retail revenue by ecommerce in 2020. It shows that how successful is e-commerce industry. Do you have any idea what makes it so booming? Is its availability, web services, applications or security? Well, all of them contribute equally in making this business so fine.

Due to the tremendous optimization of buying goods online, it urges the demand of the e-commerce application development for mobile devices. E-commerce apps are one of the most successful apps. It is good if you are a developer, you might know everything but, here are some of the crucial points covered by us to help your app stand out from the rest and make more ‘downloads’. Let’s get started.


It is really important that your app must be simple. It is the topmost advice to all kind of apps because users do not prefer the apps that are difficult to use. Make sure yours will be easy to use. The sign-up process must be simple and do not ask too many details about users, it should just get the most required information.

Your navigation must be smooth and checkout process should be easy.


Engage your users by sending push notifications of discount offers, for deals and for something that they abandoned in the cart. Sometimes, people missed the deals and forget to use the app. Remind them of it. Also, set a permission to ask the users whether they want to receive the notification or not. Because of some users do not like to be notified by pop-ups on the screen.

Make All Payment Modes Accepted

Payment mode in Ecommerce app

Allow your users to pay by their favorite payment mode. Sometimes a buyer needs to buy from a payment mode which she/he wants to and if she/he does not find it available in the app may frustrate her/him. So let’s not do that. Try every possible action to add all popular payment modes to make your users happy.

Product Information

Provide easy to understand product description with quality, size and required details about the product that one need to know before buying. Use different colors in pictures and also acknowledge how much left in the stock so that buyer may not feel the inconvenience of ordering first and get to know that it is not available now.

When the stock is getting low, you can send push notification for it and maybe the user need it and your notification can awake him/her at the right moment and he/she may make an order.

Discount Offers

Ecommerce discount feature

This is the most tempting feature you can add in your app to appeal its users. Offer discounts and special offers to make your buyers stick to the app and run contests to send ‘invites’ to friends which will be helpful to gain new users. Send “grab a deal before you miss it” like offers and make more engagement of users on your app.

Final note

Creating a fully functional and secured E-commerce app is not an easy feat. You have to make proper adjustments with features, visual designing and ease of access to its users. Hope this informative post will help you to achieve best e-commerce app development.

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